NIMASA Salary Structure 2024/2025 Allowances, Stipend For Corpers and Entry Level Salary For Graduates

In this document, we will discuss the NIMASA salary structure for 2024/2025. We will also provide information about working allowances for employees, starting from the lowest grade level to the highest grade.

Including the monthly stipend for corpers and the entry-level salary for graduates.

Those who applied for the NIMASA recruitment and may like to know salary structures for staff members should review this publication carefully to take note of essential information.

NIMASA Working Allowances for 2024/2025

However, there are working allowances and salary scales approved by NIMASA for each employee. NIMASA provides various allowances and salaries to its employees, depending on their grade level.

These allowances and wages are designed to enhance the income of staff members and provide additional financial support to employees. This depends on their number of years in service, skills and professional attitudes.

NIMASA’s working allowances for 2024/2025 are based on the employee’s grade level and duty station.

The allowance includes (i) Transportation allowance, (ii) Housing allowance, (iii) Meal subsidy, pension schemes, paid leave and other related benefits.

NIMASA Stipend For Corpers 2024/2025

There are also monthly stipends for corps members. The NIMASA offers a monthly stipend to National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) corps members who are posted to the agency.

The monthly stipend being given to NYSC corpers is meant to support corps members during their one-year service programme.

The amount of the stipend is subject to periodic review and is influenced by stipulated economic conditions.

An NYSC corps member posted to the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) receives a monthly stipend of ten thousand (₦10,000) naira to fifteen thousand (₦15,000) naira.

There are still other benefits for corpers which may not be disclosed on this page.

Entry-Level Salary for Graduates 

There are salary structures for graduates at NIMASA. Entry-level salaries are determined by the individual’s grade level, professional skills and qualifications.

According to the academic and professional qualifications and experience of graduates, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency places them starting at grade level 08 or grade level 09 depending on their academic and professional qualifications.

It is important to note that the NIMASA (Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency) salary structure is subject to change based on government policies and economic conditions.

The NIMASA salary structure for 2024/2025 includes working allowances for employees, starting from the lowest grade level to the highest grade.

Entry-level employees at level 10 receive a monthly salary of one hundred thousand (₦100,000) naira and one hundred fifty thousand (₦150,000) naira.

Employees at grade level 10 could earn between one million two hundred thousand (₦1.2 million) naira and one million eight hundred thousand (₦1.8 million) naira annually.

Employees at grade level 07 receive a monthly salary of ninety thousand (₦90,000) naira. A grade level 07 staff member in summary earns about one million (₦1,000,000) yearly.

Employees at grade level 08 at NIMASA receive a monthly salary of one hundred three thousand nine hundred eighty-eight (₦103,988) naira per month.

However, at the end of the year, entry-level workers at grade level 08 earn about one million two hundred forty-seven thousand eight hundred fifty-four (₦1, 247, 854) million naira annually.

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NIMASA Casual Employees 2024/2025

At the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, there are also job opportunities for casual workers or employees.

NIMASA casual employees include cleaners, gardeners, security guards, etc. They receive a monthly salary of fifty thousand (₦50,000) naira and seventy-five thousand (₦75,000) naira monthly for the services rendered to the agency.

The specific amounts for these financial benefits (salary, allowances and other bonuses) depend on various factors, and the public should stay informed about any changes that may occur if salary revisitation is looked into.