Amotekun Corps Salary Structure 2023/2024 and Today’s Latest News On Amotekun Corps

Amotekun Corps Monthly Salary Structure 2023 – The Amotekun Corps monthly salary structure, including other information about the Amotekun Corps, has been published on this portal to enlighten the public or interested applicants who may like to join. Recruitment for specific positions may begin soon, and you can find more information about their salary scale here on this page.

To learn more about the Amotekun Corps, we will start by introducing how the Amotekun Corps was created. Operation Amotekun was created by the Southwestern governors on 9 January 2020, due to the rate of farmers and herdsmen crises, fear of being attacked by bandits, and insecurity ravaging the state.

 Amotekun Latest News 2023

Amotekun security outfit was initiated by the southwest government to assist the army, police and other security outfits in combating crime in the state’s urban and rural communities due to the fear of being attacked by unknown bandits.

Since the Amotekun Corps was created, the operatives have been able to control crime and banditry and have been able to checkmate social gatherings. Through certain operations, the Amotekun Corps has been able to gather information about crimes and suspicious activities from rural and urban communities and take swift action to control further attacks.

The Amotekun Corps 2023/2024 salary structure was launched to boost the morale of the Amotekun Corps operatives to combat kidnapping, armed robbery, ritual killing, and farmer and herdsmen clashes and provide information to other security operatives for further investigations.

Throughout the Southwestern states in Nigeria, there has been an occurrence of the menace of kidnapping which was the order of the day, and with the presence of the Amotekun Corps and other security outfits, their drastic actions have been able to reduce crime and have made the people in Southwestern states move around freely without any fear of being attacked.

Amotekun Corps Monthly 2023/2024 Salary Structure

At the earlier stage of the Amotekun Corps Operatives, their monthly salary structure after it was launched on 9 January 2020, the Amotekun Corps operative’s monthly salary was initially endorsed by the Southwestern governor to pay an amount of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only (₦13,500) to the Amotekun Corps personnel, but the proposed amount (₦13,500) was rejected by the members of the hunters’ association.

And, at the end of the day, the hunters’ associations claimed that receiving a monthly salary structure of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only (₦13,500) would not boost the morale of the men and women of the operation to give out good results in countering crime and terrorist attacks in the state.

After several appeals made by the Amotekun Corps, the southwest governors were pleased, and the Amotekun Corps monthly salary structure was later increased from Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only (₦13,500) to Fifty Thousand Naira (₦50,000).

We believe the information pointed out on this page about the Amotekun Corps’s monthly 2023/2024 salary structure will give a hint to all our viewers and especially, to all interested applicants who may apply to join the Amotekun Corps in any of the Southwestern states in Nigeria as soon as the Amotekun Corps 2023 Recruitment is announced by the state government.